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Resolved - V5 Tax rates and calcualtions just do not work


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We are now taking orders on the new 5.0.7 V5 Page.

The cart does not calucualte the tax correctly.

We have a GST of 10% on every item.

I have checked the Tax settings as have the guys from a development house and all is fine.

2 issues I have

The orders coming through the checkout at process stage the Tax and Freight calculations simply do not add up :

As a real example this is an order below, the torch on the site is $ 44.50 INC GST

But only shows the EX GST PRICE - I need it to be inc GST

1 x UKE 3aa Herculite LED Helmet Torch - LT-UKE-3AA ($40.45) $40.45 EX GST


Total Discount:$0.00




Then the second is the shopping basket shows ex gst prices as a buyer places items in there, it should show INC TAX prices as it gives the buyers a false price, who in there right mind is going to keep going back into the basket to see what the real total is before continung, it's supposed to be easy.

There are so many threads on this, and I can not see a resolution or even a real answer on this,

I have spent a huge amount of time and money moving to Cubecart, but am really regretting it at the moment and considering staying with Ezimerchant so I dont loose money on every transaction beacuse the amounts are wrong !

Somebody please help !!!

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5.0.7 had some bug on order total/tax calculation please upgrade to the newer best to latest version.

Product prices on basket box area and checkout pages are always tax excluded. Proper VAT/TAX is counted and shown.

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