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Resolved - Unable to add/modify cats or products


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Hi all,

I upgraded to the latest version of CC from version 4 on Monday of this week.

Upgrade went fine no problems what so ever, sites been running fine all week, added new items and cats etc. no issues.

This afternoon I went to add a new product and got "The connection was reset" page displayed, this page now displays when trying to add or modify any categories or products, everything else seems to be ok on face value.

The only other thing to mention here is when entering debugging mode im seeing a number of errors with the smarty controller but I am unsure if this is related as I have seen other posts with smarty issues but they didn't have the same level of impact or any impact on the functionality at all.

Any direction here would be invaluable


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I don't have a likely suspect for you (yet), but please do this one thing:

In the file /controllers/controller.index.inc.php and controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php, find the line that reads:

$GLOBALS['smarty'] = new Smarty();

and after that line, add this line:


It seems that the folks who wrote Smarty are aware of a condition that many users find objectionable: errors that are generated because that is just the way Smarty works. Calling this function is supposed to stop Smarty from reporting many of those errors - errors dealing with stat and unset and maybe a few more.

The message on your browser could be generated by your browser. I'm not sure. But if that's the case, then (I guessing) that some data got set so that the query sent to the database is confusing the database server and everything just falls down from there.

You may have to contact your hosting provider to ask if they changed anything about your hosting package, perhaps specifically the database version.

Let us know what they say about that.

You may also need to use a database utility provided by your hosting package - usually phpMyAdmin - to check the health of the database. Also, see if somehow the category_id numbers are creating a circular reference. For example, cat#4 is a sub-cat of cat#3, which is a sub-cat of cat#2, which is a sub-cat of cat#4.

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Dear Bsmitter,

Once again I am in your debt, I found the circular reference in the database and once removed everything fell back into place. One of my colleagues who was adding items to the shop lost his way and listed a Cat as being a sub-cat of itself.

Kindest of regards


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