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confirm payment in checkout - after paypal - lost sales

Guest mrdave

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since upgrading we are getting more and more failed payment orders, the reason is that customer now have to confirm the payment after they have been to paypal to pay.

Previously in v4 /v3 you would go to paypal press pay and then returned to a confirmation of a payment, job done.

now it seems that you go to paypal and then are returned to a payment details screen, requiring a further press of confirm order before the order is made..

Is there anyway to remove this pointless screen that loses sales, customers think they have paid when they go to paypal, or some way of adding a message to this page to inform the customer what to do when they are returned to the order details screen.

something like,, 'confirm your order to complete',,,, etc...

there are too many clicks in the checkout process and should be reduced not increased.

any suggestions on making the checkout process as slick as possible.



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