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upgraded to 5.2.1 google checkout callback url checkout blank orders g

Guest mrdave

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Since upgrading to 5.2.1 following the upgrade link, i am getting blank orders being created they have the order id, and products details, but no customer data, name etc. everything else seems to be working okay.


all the blank orders have tried to use


Gateway Google_Checkout
I also have received several emails from google confirming the following.
(xxxx is my obfuscated domain name)

We've made several unsuccessful attempts to send order notifications to your
notification callback URL,

https: //www.xxxxxxx.co.uk/index.php?_g=remote&type=gateway&module=Google_Checkout&cmd=call





As a result, you aren't receiving order status, risk or other notifications.


To help you identify the issue with your callback URL, please review the
errors we encountered while sending notifications to you. To review this error

  1. Sign in to Google Checkout.
  2. Click the Tools tab.
  3. Click Integration Console.

Error messages will appear under 'Integration Issues.' If necessary, you can
also update your callback URL in the 'API callback URL' box on the same page.




I havent changed the callback,, url, it is the one as suggested in the modules/plugins/google checkout set up page.


the details also mentioned here.


Google Checkout Settings
    the following is no longer relevant and there isnt a way to set this in google

These options need to be set in your Google Checkout management screen under "Settings" » "Integration"


Under Advanced settings, the following options should be selected:
Provide the first name, last name and full name of the buyer and order
recipient in separate fields in the new order notification.
• Return the buyer's ship-to phone number in the new order notification.
• Return the buyer's billing phone number in the new order notification.



API Callback URL


 https: //www.xxxxx.co.uk/index.php?_g=remote&type=gateway&module=Google_Checkout&cmd=call



it is as above !!

anyone else having this.??




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in my testing with Google checkout, I had to make sure I had the "serial number" radio button checked instead of the XML option, and used 2.5 method vs 2.0 method (in Google's new settings).


Kind of confusing, this.


Often, with the update you can simply go to cc admin, go to the google checkout plugin, then uncheck, then check again, then try placing a test order.


Not sure if this helps or not... all my errors were due to the "XML" radio checked in Google vs "serial number." ...

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  • 3 months later...

Hi, we gave up on Google Checkout entirely due to weirdness with showing customer "completed" but then holding the payment until they approve it, so customer would "move on" to submit project to us before technically Google had run fraud check to determine if it was okay. SO, this proved unworkable.


Ironically, Google Checkout announced today (May 20) they are killing "checkout" entirely, which does not surprise me since it kind of sucked for our purposes, and trying to buy a CC plugin from the UK caused a headache, too since MasterCard thought Google was fraud (but PayPal is okay ... go figure).



we're going to stick with

1: the ecommerce we've been doing since 1998 via Authorize.net (a unit of VISA)

2: PayPal

3: Amazon payments (have not yet implemented)


Google was crap at this and couldn't do the job PayPal does with alternate payments.


If you use Google Wallet you got the email too. But anybody new, I'd just not even bother with Google payments since the only thing they now seem to care about is making it into a payment method for "the Android market" for mobile users on Android OS, etc. (BAH!)

After making these changes was your API URL still https? This Google Checkout is giving me nightmares


YES: all connections for ecommerce should be https ...

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I'd submitted a support ticket about it before, never really got anywhere.


I can see why they are turfing it, the uptake was miimal, I think it's it's heyday I cleared £5k in a month of it, I recently turned on PayPal and the usage fo that is far higher.


I think Amazon Payments will probably end up going the same way.

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the reason we're adding Amazon payments is that, in theory, folks like me who have my memership points for both my Amex and ChaseCC going into Amazon as spendable dollars, our small business clients would be able to use their "points" to pay for our services. This is actually a pretty powerful thing, most folks haven't figured out yet as a "very cool thing." We do a bit of business with PayPal, using that as alternate payment method (we've been a verified business seller with PayPal since 2000), but most sales happen via our normal Authorize.net connection. Amazon payments, will be another "tool" for clients to spend their money with us, in a more useful way for those who have a lot of business points from credit card rewards. 


I used some of my points to buy some stuff at MacSales(OWC) for my Mac, and used Amazon payment. How cool was that?  :-)


RIP Google Checkout. You sucked to begin with.

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