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Multi-Region Store Advice


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I just wondered if anyone could offer me some 'best practice' advice for rolling out a store to multiple regions. We are currently running a UK-based operation but we're also keen to setup a store for the American market (with a different URL).
In order to minimise administration time, we would like to use the same database for both stores. However, the caveat is that we would need a different pricing structure for each region - it wouldn't be a simple currency conversion (from what I can see, CubeCart doesn't offer the facility to input different prices for different currencies). 
I have contemplated setting up a scheduled job to duplicate the UK DB on to the US environment minus any pricing information, but I'm concerned that this could lead to complications. The other option is to seek a 3rd party mod to allow us to have a different price for each region.
My gut feeling is that the cleanest approach would be to go down the mod route, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything obvious!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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They're totally different. Also, if we were to just use a currency conversion we'd end up with lots of odd numbers e.g $19.43 as opposed to something more traditional like $19.99 (unless there's a way to round things up?).

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