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URL Name Is Numbers


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I have been getting an error with my URL description which appears to be isolated to category pages and product pages.


Instead of seeing www.mydomainname.co.uk/product.html in my browser I am getting www.


The page loads the correct content but displays an incorrect URL.


This does not affect the home page. I've contacted my host provider and they advise that this is not an error with the server.


Can anyone help?


Thank you in advance



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Displays the incorrect URL -- where? The URL www., broken down, is:

www.70.33.246 = subdomain

58 = main domain

co.uk = top-level domain


So, a browser actually requesting this main domain would get nowhere. That leaves out any funny redirect statements in the .htaccess file.


Have you installed onto your computer any browser helper/add-on that might be substituting an IP address for a domain name?

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Hey Bsmither thanks for responding,

I am referring to the address displayed in the address field at the top of the browser window.

I have emptied the cache both via the back end of the store and browser, cookies and cache on my local computer. The URL address has returned to normal so I am guessing this is a localised problem with the computer I am accesing my site from.

Essentially problem solved I think. I will update if I experince any further issues.


Many thanks

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Hi again sorry to re-open this thread but this problem persists so I'd like to pick the issue again if possible.


I have had this same issue appear on multiple systems so it appears that its not a local issue. It appears to come and go and I have been told by my domain host that this may be configuration files or database related.


Any help much appreciated.

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