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How do you create your affiliates or track individual sources in Cubec


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I have got various independent people working to increase sales on my shop.  I want to give each of them a different url (or something) so that when I get a sale I can attribute the sale to them and then pay commissions etc.


Obviously there is an affiliate option for the larger companies - so my questions are:


  1. Can I created my own affiliate option for each sales person?
  2. Is there another way of doing this in cubecart that I am missing?

All suggestions and help welcome.


Thank you in advance.

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I am just returning to CC (been away since 2008). It still appears you have to purchase your own affiliate software like iDev or Post Affiliate Pro and install it, or use one of the monthly/yearly subscription services,  and then activate it to work with CC through the Affiliate Trackers area in your admin area. Check there to see what affiliate trackers are compatible with CC.

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