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CubeCart 5 - Can't Login to Admin


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We have about 15 sites running cubecart 5 and about 6 running cubecart 4.  CubeCart 4 could not except credit cards without installing php-mcrypt.  We installed it and cubecart 4 starting working fine for excepting credit cards direct.   We noticed immediately that we immediately could not log into any of the CubeCart V5 admin consoles and also we could not put items into the shopping cart.


We un-installed php-mcrypt and CubeCart V4 stopped working and CubeCart 5 continues not to work.


Example issues:


  • If you type in username and password it flickers but doesn't say bad password even when you know it's bad.
  • When you put an item into the cart it shows up in the left hand side showing something in the cart but when you go to the cart to check out it says there is nothing in the cart.

Also even before this happened we found that CubeCart 5 could not put items into the cart using IE 10.  This was a problem even before we installed php-mcrypt.


All other applications are able to login without problems at all.  We are running CentOS 6 with Parrallels Plesk Panel 11.


Please if anyone can help us or give us insight.  This is really hurting our clients.   Also I do have a ticket open but I'm hoping you genius's out there can help us.







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Thanks for answering.  What we have found though this is on ten different domains on this server. It doesn't even say incorrect password.  Just nothing.  Also it now doesn't allow anyone to put anything into the cart.   We have tried from different locations and with different browsers.  We are trying everything we can think of.  


We also have other products like cubecart 4 that have no problems and work fine,  Wordpress logs in fine.  The only thing in common on the CubeCart 5 sites are the only issue.

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I get the impression you have access to the server. If so, please find the PHP error logs and determine if there is any clue. Are you comfortable with editing PHP files? Do you have access to a utility that will allow direct access to the database being used by this installation of CC5?


I did get a storefront at 'leavetheresttous', but the admin log-in delivers the log-in page again -- no 302 redirect, etc.


Have you renamed or removed the 'setup' folder as required?

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I'm not sure so I'm trying to figure out how to check on it.


I've checked and don't see anything.  Here are our Apache Modules we are running.  Is there anything here u see?


Apache - related modules to your question that I found that were on.
  • cache
  • disk_cache


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I am so not knowledgeable in web server configurations.


But as a guess, get your server tech people to disable these caching mechanisms just to see what, if anything, happens differently.


I will say this: your storefront is fast. Too fast. Nobody's Cubecart 5 runs that fast.

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Also, the symptom you describe can be caused by a conflict or some damage done to the relationship between what is called a form token, the cookie for this session, the cookie value as stored in Cubecart's 'sessions' database table, and the session data as stored in the PHP system session repository.


Checking your site just now (being redirected to a new domain name), I see that the admin login may be working properly, and I was able to add a product to the basket.

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