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I am hoping somebody can help me sort out an issues I am having with the automated customer emails. This is what is happening:


1. Customer places an order - Admin and the customer receives order confirmation email


2. When payment has been received and I change the order status to complete - the customer receives the order confirmation email again and then straight after is sent the order is complete email.


Does anybody know how I can stop the second order confirmation email from being sent to the customer?


Thanks heaps 

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Right. That's not supposed to happen.


Can you verify that you are running CC5.2.1 as mentioned in your sig?


1. Customer places an order but customer should not get any email until payment has been made. When the transaction is successful, the order goes to Processing status and that is when the Order Confirmation email is sent.


2. The admin would change the order status to Complete when the admin has actually shipped the order. Then the Order Complete email is sent.


We can investigate if CC5.2.1 has any issues with this, but if it did, there would be a lot of reports about it and I would remember such a thing.


At any rate, we may be able to help in the forums, or maybe a support ticket to Devellion may also bear fruit.

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