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v6 Front End

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I have been working on a few skins prior to the v6 beta release.  I based them originally from the Crosshatch skin and rewrote all the code around the PHP/SMARTY, so when any update for v5 became available I just merged the old and new Crosshatch templates to see what had changed in the skin folder and added those to my skins.


Now v6 beta is out I need to merge any features/changes from v5 to v6 into my skins.. is there a list of features that won't be included on a v5 skin that are available on v6? What are the new features on the front end? I have noticed an icon on the category page to change views (but is this skin specific or software specific), some files like box.off_canvas.left.php and content.checkout.medium-up.php are now included too...?


The other question is, should I now make a skin for v5 and the exact same for v6? Or is v5 (for the time being) always going to contain the same front end features so I only need one skin for both?

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Im on the go replying on an iPhone so I appologise if this is brief. Feature wise the new v6 skin has pretty much the same features as v5. The major difference is that it's responsive optimised for mobile, tablets and desktops. If you try it on different devices you'll see the enhanced UX functionality. It also has client side form validation which was lacking before.

It's more of a step forward in UX than new features. The style sheet shipped with the "Foundation" skin is very simple and should be a great starting block for any design you want.

I would suggest having a fiddle. You should find that with the Foundation Framework it is a breeze to work with.

Take a look at http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/

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