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Four reasons to list your extensions in the CubeCart Marketplace..

Al Brookbanks

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  1. First Point of Call

    The CubeCart Extensions Marketplace is the first point of call for all store owners looking for the add ons they require. Listing your code here gets you direct access to this.


  2. Automated Extension Installation

    Merchants can purchase your extensions quickly without registering and install extensions with a simple copy/paste of an install token. You don't even need to make any changes to your existing code.


  3. No VAT Concerns!

    We handle all your European Union VAT concerns. Anyone selling digital goods to EU customers HAVE to charge VAT at the buyers rate no matter what their sales turnover is or whether they are VAT registered or not. You are alleviated from this by selling in a marketplace as we legally have to take care of this on your behalf.

    If you currently sell digital goods to EU customers from your own website and you are not filing VAT returns for each country you sell to you are breaking EU laws no matter which country you are trading from or registered in.


  4. Get Paid Instantly

    When a sale is made you get paid instantly. We won't make you wait 30 days or more for settlement.


Start Selling Today!

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I can see your post

Try below steps

The CubeCart Extensions Marketplace offers several advantages for store owners and extension developers:

Centralized Platform: The marketplace serves as the primary platform for store owners to find and acquire the add-ons they need for their CubeCart store. Listing your code here provides direct access to potential customers, increasing your visibility and reach.
Automated Extension Installation: The marketplace simplifies the installation process for merchants. They can quickly purchase your extensions without registering and install them using a simple copy/paste of an install token. This streamlined process eliminates the need for merchants to make any changes to their existing code.
VAT Handling: Selling digital goods to European Union (EU) customers comes with VAT obligations. However, by selling through the marketplace, you are relieved of this responsibility. The marketplace takes care of handling EU VAT concerns on your behalf, ensuring compliance with EU laws. This eases the administrative burden associated with VAT for extension developers.
Instant Payment: When a sale is made through the marketplace, you receive instant payment. There's no need to wait for lengthy settlement periods that are common in some payment systems. TellHappyStar Customer Survey This enables you to receive payment promptly for your products and services.

Thanks and regards,


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