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The first problem (which I did not resolve) was that the logo was all stretched out when I went to print out an invoice.

I tried deleting the logo through Store Settings > Logos
Then uploaded the logo again.
This created a whole new problem:
Now the invoice shows the "Your Logo" image...
I have gone to the direcotry where the "Your Logo" image is locaated, and replaced default.png with my logo and named that default.png
Still did not work. 

(just upgraded 5.2.13 to 6.0.2)[not sure if that is showing up in my signature]

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1. renaming a page resource (an image, css file, javascript file) does not therefore inform the browser to dump what it has cached locally and fetch the new image with the same name. You will need to tell the browser to force-reload all the page's resources.

2. in admin, Store Settings, Logos tab, there must be a distinct image, even if it looks exactly like another image, with a different filename, associated with "Invoices" as selected in the Scope drop-down selector. If this is what you have done, we need to look elsewhere for why this setting is not being accepted.

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The template used is (probably) identical between CC5216 and CC602. But the CSS file has one more rule that I don't know the reason for.

In /admin/skins/default/styles/print.css:

Find at the end of the single long line:
#storeLabel img{width:100%!important;display:block}

Change to:
/* #storeLabel img{width:100%!important;display:block} */

Technically, I think this should make the image fill the containing storeLabel div container (80mm) -- and no more. But maybe your browser thinks differently?

When CubeCart delivers the page, you can cancel the Print operation and use Firebug/Firefox (or whatever developer tools you have for your browser) to examine what CSS rules are applying to the image.

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