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[Resolved] Wine Packaging


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Hi Cyberart,

thanks for your question.

It took me some years to find the answer, and it was simple in the end.

I used ALL in ONE shipping plugin. AIOS is a bit daunting to start with, but once you have the hang of it it is easy.

Typically one would group bands of items together for a given price, ie 1-3 bottles $15 and 4-6 bottles= $20 postage.

with AIOS you can just do this: 1 bottle $15, 3 bottles $20 6 bottles $20, and if a customer adds only 5 there is an error. then just change the language file to give the message you want.(see above)

If you need help PM me.

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Hi Cyberart, thank you for your question and apologise for my delayed response.

I "fixed" this by increasing the shipping price of the articles number I did not want to ship.



1          $10

2          $20

3          $12

4 - 5     $20

6           $15

7-11      $25

12          $2

Customers quickly work out what is the best deal.

I hope that helps.

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