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Important: Software license system switch off (7/Dec/15)

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In just over six month time (Monday 7th December) we will be switching off our software license key server. This means that the admin panel of your store will cease to function if;

  • your current store is powered by CubeCart 5.2.14 or below.
  • you current store is powered by CubeCart 4.4.7 or below.

CubeCart version 6 and version 3 will be unaffected.

How can I tell which version I have?
Please login to the admin side of your store. On the dashboard (the first page after login) there may be a "Store Overview" tab. Clicking this should show your specific version number. If this tab doesn't exist there should be a "Store Overview" box on the dashboard which shows the specific version number. Alternatively it is possible to find the version number in the ini.inc.php file which should be found in the root folder of your store.

If your store is powered by version 5 or version 4 and lower than the version numbers specified above please read on as action is required.

There are two options available.

Option 1:
Upgrade to version 6 (recommended), version 5.2.16 or version 4.4.8. Please find instructions on our helpdesk. This will bypass the software license system.

Option 2:
Download the latest version of the major version you are on (v4 or v5) and replace the admin.php file (found in the store's root folder) with the one from the newer package. This will bypass the software license system.

All versions of CubeCart can be downloaded here: https://www.cubecart.com/download

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