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Discover Card?


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The module itself does not care what credit card is being used. (If it does, I would be surprised.)

Assuming you have a Discover Merchant Account, (if I recall) you need to have Authorize.net coordinate with your merchant account to allow Discover as an allowable card.

This is being recalled from when my store (from years back running CC3), and my Authorize.net account, took Discover cards.

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Please describe to me what leads you to believe CubeCart's Authorize.net gateway module only accepts MC/V.

Is CubeCart displaying a "Failed" transaction when using a test Discover card number? A 'good' Discover card number?

Does the 'good' Discover card number work in Authorize.net's "Virtual Terminal" available in your Authorize.net's Merchant Control Panel?

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Well it was originally setup and I am assuming by default it had Visa and Mastercard.  I see no option in Cubecart to add Discover.  It isn't that it is failing.  It is that the option isn't presented to display or accept it.  

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I mentioned earlier that CubeCart's Authorize.net module does not verify that the card number "checks out". (There is another module that does this: makes sure the cc number succeeds in it's internal checksum algorithm, makes sure the expire mo/yr makes sense, makes sure the CVV2 number is the correct number of digits.)

The module will send whatever number the customer puts in. Authorize.net does all the number verifying, etc.

What I did in my earlier store was, in the module's Description field, to enter a path to an image of a series of cc logos. I used logos such as from here:

When showing the list of gateways, this image will show instead of the name of the module.

If this is the only gateway enabled, then CubeCart may bypass this step in checking out. So, I also put these logos in a sidebox.

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