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Checkout gateway by price amount?


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Hi I am new here and feeling happy to joined CC forum. this is my first post in forum.

I was using CC v6.0.8 and now updated to latest v6.09 and  gateway plugin Nochex and Paypal.

I have two paypal account one is micropayment and one is normal Paypal and Nochex.

so I preferred to get paid order from 99p to £7 order via paypal micropayment account, and order above £7 with Nochex and standard paypal .

Q: is there a way to make it possible? Thanks


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Welcome mojee! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

Should be a way to make this work. My solution would require adding a common form element to each gateway to specify the range of order total that it will accept.

I will experiment with the code shortly.

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I've got a little solution, I installed one time more paypal gateway by changing folder name. (paypal2) and it works but customer have to select one from two. i given name use for order upto £5 and other use for order above £5.

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