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Delete unused/orphanned images

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3 hours ago, keat said:

posting your brief instructions on here may help others in the future.


Yes @keat I agree.

My hosting company (20i.com, who are excellent btw) had instructions for connecting to the server using Putty for Windows. They also have instructions for Mac users but I have a PC.

Anyway, the first port of call was to download the software from https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html and get it installed. I then followed the instructions from 20i to create a key and connect to the server. 

Once connected it was a very simple process of entering a few commands (I found a very useful reference for basic SSH commands at https://www.hostinger.co.uk/tutorials/ssh/basic-ssh-commands#gref)

So, for example; to move all images in the 'source' folder to a new folder called 'pictures' the commands once connected would be:

  • cd public_html/images/source/      (move to the 'source' folder)
  • mkdir pictures     (create the 'pictures' folder)
  • mv -t pictures pic1.jpg pic2.jpg pic3.jpg etc.jpg     (move list of image filenames to the 'pictures' folder)
  • exit

I had previously compiled my list of orphaned images using Store Health Check and Notepad++ which I copied and pasted into the command line by right clicking.

And that was it!

I am now a convert to SSH 😉


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