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Change color of body and footer

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For the life of me I can not figure out where to change the color of my body and footer. For now I am changing the code inline for both in skins/main and skins/main.checkout to the following but there must be somewhere else to do this in style sheets.


<body style="background-color:#F7F8E0">

<footer style="background-color:#F7F8E0">


Thanks in advance for any and all help,


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You can add to cubecart.default.css this rule:

.inner-wrap, footer { background-color: #ABCDEF; }

Since cubecart.default.css is loaded last (either the actual file or in the combined file), this rule takes precedence. Both selectors acquire the styling.

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Is this the order my style sheets should be in?

{assign var=css_input value=[   'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/normalize.css',
                                'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/aquickinfo-620.css',  - custom style instead of cubecart.default

So i should use this too?

.inner-wrap, body { background-color: #ABCDEF; }


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.inner-wrap, body { background-color: #ABCDEF; } 

.inner-wrap, footer { background-color: #ABCDEF; } 

Code didn't work but that's ok, I'll keep it as inline if that won't cause problems. 

Would like to know if I have my style sheets in the right order though

Thanks, Brian

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It's just the one single line I gave you.

You can include that one line in "aquickinfo-620.css" if you wish - if that is the CSS file you are collecting all your specific changes away from default. It's position in the list is fine because the two that come after it (chosen and bxslider) contain only rules specific to those jquery modules.

However, the file "cubecart.default.css" will be added to the combination lastly (as this is by design) via these statements...

{if !empty($SKIN_SUBSET)}
    {$css_input[] = 'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/cubecart.{$SKIN_SUBSET}.css'}

...and rules in this file will be final and have the highest priority.

Because Foundation that ships with CC620+ now combines all the CSS files into one and caches it, you will need to clear BOTH CubeCart's cache (or wait 60 minutes, if I recall what Al said) and your browser's internal cache, in order for the changed CSS file to be employed.

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