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Order complete email - Disable


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I've seen that this has been posted before but I haven't really found a suitable answer. I want to disable CubeCart from sending an order complete email when I change the status of an order to complete.

I have tried deleting the order complete template, but that results in a 500 error when I go to set an order to complete, and the order stays on processing. I have also tried to keep the email template with the html content blank, but CubeCart will not allow me to save a blank template and keeps the content.

Otherwise all I can think of is leaving the order on processing, or putting up with sending an order complete email.


Also, as a quick aside, I feel as if my site is loading a little bit slowly on the product category pages where the items are listed. Is there any way to optimize this?

Everything else has been working quite smoothly otherwise and I have been really happy with CubeCart!

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Really, the only way to suppress sending Order Complete emails is to make this edit:

In the file /classes/order.class.php, near line 506 (for CC6.2.x), find:

$mailer->sendEmail($this->_order_summary['email'], $content);

Change to:

// $mailer->sendEmail($this->_order_summary['email'], $content);

What version of CubeCart are you using? If CC6.2.x, then make sure caching is enabled (admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab).

You tried deleting the template? How? What, exactly, did you delete? In admin, Error Log, System Error Log tab, what error is shown related to email templates?

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I'm on version 6.1.15

Unfortunately there are no errors in the error log.

I deleted the English(UK) version of the order complete template, keeping the (US) language version. My site is set only for UK English.

Also, Caching is enabled.

If I make that edit to the php file, will I still be able to automatically send out other emails such as the order received email?

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