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How to insert Foundation into Cubecart?

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Hello Everyone! I am misstheresa2009 and I am new to this forum and to Cubecart. I look forward to discussing Cubecart and I plan to make some custom templates.

Right now I am trying to learn the basics and I have a question. I want to use Foundation but I don't know how or where to begin. For instance, where and how do I put Foundation into Cubecart. Do I insert it into a particular folder and then code? Foundation looks like something I can learn but I am stuck on how and where to include it in Cubecart. I checked YouTube for tutorials but there aren't any that pertain to Foundation and Cubecart.


misstheresa2009 😊

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Welcome misstheresa2009! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

A CubeCart skin has various requirements relating to file names and internal folder structure. CubeCart skins are placed in CubeCart's folder /skins/.

CubeCart 6 comes with a skin called Foundation, based on the responsive platform called Foundation 5 by Zurb. In addition, skin files become templates (see MVC concepts) when coded with Smarty engine code.

A few coders on the forums have developed skins (more thematic alterations than new layouts) based off of CubeCart's Foundation, and other skins with sensible new layouts.

I would finalize the structure with dummy placeholders first. Then work on implementing the Smarty code. Syntax errors in Smarty code will crash PHP and finding out where it crashed can be difficult.

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On 6/22/2018 at 2:03 AM, bsmither said:

A few coders on the forums have developed skins – –

This rises a question: is this CC theme developing somehow extra difficult, or is there some other reasons?

I only found out a handful of themes, and to be honest, not very classy. Not even useful. This resembles the situation with LiteCart platform which have none theme to offer either. Unbelievable.

I'm currently migrating my WP + WooCommerce shop. My choices are now CubeCart and OpenCart. I'd prefer CC, but this theme issue blocks it. OC development offers hundreds of nice themes, both free and commercial. Too bad.

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more precise

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