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Braintree / PayPal

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I've recently change my PayPal account to open a business account and changed the gateway on Cubecart to the Braintree one. The first couple of orders worked just fine, but the third one hasn't. It appears in my Braintree account as settled, but not in my PayPal account at all (no record of the transaction). Cubecart also lists it as settled. The first two were listed in the Cubecart transaction log as "PayPal Express Checkout (Powered by Braintree)", but the last one is list as "Card (Powered by Braintree)". That appears to be the only difference.

I've sent an email to Braintree via their help, but I am hoping that someone here can shed some light as to what the issue may be.



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Poor form to reply to my own question, but I solved it!

I didn't realise that a card payment, upon settlement, went straight into my bank account, rather than the PayPal transactions, which end up in the PayPal account.

I'm not sure how I should have found this out first, but as the squirrel advert from the 70's said "Yes, funny how you always remember right at the end".

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