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cached web pages ?

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I've an odd one this morning.

let me start by stating I have sessions_GC_maxlifetime set for about 28 days.


A customer ordered a number of items, at least 2 of which are priced incorrectly.

Both items have been reduced in price, but the ones in his cart are at the old price.

I initially assumed that maybe he added these to his cart and checked out after the price change, and maybe these were retained in his cart by sessions_GC_Maxlifetime

However, one of the items was last modified in September 2018, so it can't possibly have been in his basket all this time.... could it. ???


I'm confused how this could happen.  Any thoughts or ideas. ?

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I had a similar issue maybe last year and it turned out to be related to customer groups.

A few years ago I experimented with a customer group, however, I know for certain that I deleted this group after the problem I had  last year.

I found my thread from last year, where I stated that i'd removed the customer group and cleared out the table pricing_group.


Last night, I checked, and could see the customer was originally part of this group, and that the group was still listed in the table 'customer_group'. It seems deleting this from the admin panel doesn't delete it from the database.

The table pricing_group is empty though, so I've still no idea where the wild prices came from.


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