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Deluxe bxSlider plugin doesn't work on CC6.2.2 Foundation?


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What could be reason plugin Deluxe bxSlider doesn't work on CC6.2.2  Foundation?

It can be managed in admin mode, bot no slides is present on the store front.

I did all steps  1 to 6  based on installation instructions (changes in "skins/{YOUR-SKIN}/config.xml", main.php , content.homepage.php , content.category.php,  content.document.php, content.product.php .

Deluxe bxSlider Manage  menu appear in admin panel. I added some slides for Homepage and Sidebox and other options,  selected Clear language cache and performed Rebuild Sitemap several times, but there are no results on store front- slides are visible only in admin mode Manage bxSlider tabs.

May be something wrong with Execution order of hooks (see attached)?  I set all to "1" but it didn't help, so now I  set several  to "1" and the rest to  "0".

Thank You for any advice !   :(


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