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Nochex setup

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Hi All

Firstly be gentle, I am an old school PHP programmer trying to get back into it, and CubeCart is a little different from what I'm used to!

I'm setting up a website for mates rates, a friend of mine setting up an online business. I have got everything working so far I've wanted to and very impressed with the whole experience (Kudos to CC devs!)

Anyway he's using PayPal merchant account (Which is working lovely) and now Nochex - but I am having issues with it. When I am running a test(and I've tried live also) it goes to their payment page, I click on the card to use and then....nothing....no place to insert card details, no expiry etc. only a single "Cancel" button which then returns me back to my cart - to which the order is 'Pending'.

I have set the account to test mode Nochex end and also in the CC admin, so everything is in test mode. My first thought was maybe it was their test mode's normal working method, so I put it to live and tried a transaction only to get the same thing.

Am I missing something? I noticed a box in the admin that says 'Callback' - Does it need to be checked?(which I assumed CC does with the plugin) and there are also variables for Callback URLs on the nochex admin site. do I need these or is it automated?

if I do need them...what are they? where do they need to point to be able to feed back a payment was made and forward the user on. I'm almost certain this is the issue but the documentation for setup and test for Nochex plugin is poor to useless!

Any help gratefully appreciated!


Screenshot 2019-10-22 at 18.47.16.jpg

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According to the module's code, the "Callback" setting determines how CubeCart verifies the transaction details. CubeCart sends to NoChex a web address for them to POST to CubeCart some details about the transaction. In the POST is a way for CubeCart to ask NoChex for specific details about the transaction. There are ways for CubeCart to ask for these details and the "Callback" setting chooses which. Your NoChex account must be setup to use the "Callback" method (otherwise, uses the APC method). I have no information about these methods. There may be some info provided by NoChex available to NoChex account holders.

Because CubeCart provides NoChex with the URLs to use for the "Call back URL", "Cancel URL", and "Cancel URL", with respect to the account holder's settings page (image above), there should not be a need to enter anything in these fields.

As a customer at NoChex's payment page, and not progressing to a next step, seems to be a problem with NoChex. Could there be a browser add-on that prohibits javascript from running on the nochex.com web address?

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bsmither. thank you for taking the time to respond. as I thought these values should be blank then. the screen below is all I get - if I click a credit card it then just shows the screenshot below and no further progress

I assume this has to be a nochex issue but wanted to be sure I wasn't being a prize prune and not doing something I had to do before jumping on their support wagon.

After clicking credit card icon:



Many thanks for your help!







This was before clicking



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