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Blank Screen and PHP version issue.

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Ill try and precis this as much as possible. 

I fire up the new cubecart petswhiskers.com webpage this morning.
Nothing happens dead screen. White.
The issue comes from using a windowed redirect url at heartinternet.coms servers with whom I host. 
I write to customer suport. They tell me there's an iFrame issue in .htaccess.

OK so far. 
I edit the htaccess file.
Took out

### <ifModule mod_headers.c> ###
### Header always append X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN ###

Try again. I get a server error telling me that cubecart has found that the server runs an inferior version of php tht it cannot work with 
which quickly disappears and a blank screen again. 

Odd that the RaggedyBird site works fine straight out of the box. 
Both installs are identical. 

I edit the servers php version to 7 upwards. 

I refresh the page  kill cache blah blah.... nothing. 
Blank white page. 
Try it.
It just wont go. 

And yet,. the www.raggedybird.com website, the primary root site on the same server runs OK and was installed at exactly the same time and updated identically at exactly the same time in the same way with the same software.  

Yesterday they ALL ran OK. To the extent i was adding stock. 
Now................................. petswhiskers.com   nothing. 

Ive tried several browsers. Nothing. Blank white page. 

I smell a rat. But which breed?
Any ideas on what in cubecart sniffs php versions because it has it all wrong.

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Storefront? Admin backend? Both?

Just checked. It's working for me.

CubeCart adds a header for SAMEORIGIN (see index.php and admin_hAsHeD.php), so it's not really necessary for the web server to do it - even though CubeCart will write a .htaccess file if one wasn't found (see SEO class, private static function _checkModRewrite()).

I do NOT see this header when looking at the site.

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Well, I took out the script mentioned by heartinternet and then , after STILL seeing a white screen I found an identical line in the INDEX file of all places. !!!!!!!!!!!

So I took out that as well and now its running. 
Very odd. 
I dont know why this is an issue as the original raggedybird.com site runs straight out of the box. 

Confusing that it runs OK for you. 
The site is a cubecart internet site yes. Straight out of the box, yes. 

I have to apologise also I didnt realise I used petswhiskers as the example above. Our url is THEpetswhiskers so you saw the wrong site. 
Also this is the reason why we're moving to curlywhiskers.com because our initial searches came up with nothing. Suddenly we're faced with potential legal issues by cybersquating.
So now a fresh reinstall. 

Your help is incredibly appreciated regarding this initialisation.  

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