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<RESOLVED> Is it possible to combine a URL with a macro?

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Hi everyone!

New to Cubecart and wish I hadn't wasted 8 months on WooCommerce, since this is a much better platform and is also LIGHT YEARS BETTER than Square Online which is where we currently have our shop. And would NEVER recommend that platform, since it's based on Weebly. This installation is still in development.  Running Version 6.4.4 installed through Softaculous on Linux on a dedicated server. It is installed in a sub directory until I get finished building it, then it's time to switch the A records.

So my question is this.

We use the United States Postal Service EXCLUSIVELY for all of our shipping, both domestic and international. When an order is completed, I enter in the tracking number to complete the order and that is e-mailed to the customer. In the e-mail template I am using the macro {$DATA.ship_tracking} to automatically insert the tracking number, and I have a link to the USPS tracking site.

My customer gets the e-mail and can copy and paste the tracking number into the tracking box. But what would be ideal would be if they click the link and the number gets automatically pasted in.

Is this doable?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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I figured it out and it's working like a champ!


What I had to do is edit the Order Completed e-mail and on the link to the postal service website it has to read like this:



Then, when I enter the tracking number in the order screen, the macro automatically inserts the tracking number, and when the order is marked completed, it e-mails out the link to the USPS and it looks like this:

(That's an old tracking number from earlier this year)


So this issue got resolved. I have another one but I will work on that more before I ask for help.


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