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Beta Testers Wanted: Make Payment on Pending Order


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A solution to the Github issue #2606 "Can't Complete Payment of a Pending Order" is being tested.

It works for me, but I need others to try and break it.

The scenario is this:

  • The store is set to decrement stock when the order moves to the Pending state.
  • The customer has not already made any attempt at making payment.
  • The customer understands that the order is now fixed - it cannot be changed.
  • The admin understands that the one-of-a-kind item is in the customer's basket - out of stock for all others.

The problem has been that when CubeCart, at checkout, verifies the contents of a basket, stock levels are checked, and now determining that the item is out of stock, removes it from the basket.

This solution is to deny CubeCart from verifying the basket, based on certain conditions ('finalizing' a checkout). Nor allowing the basket contents to be changed.

The process starts at the customer's Order History. Eligible orders have a button "Complete Payment" which takes then straight to checkout.

Note:  choosing a payment gateway at checkout (such as POF) makes the order ineligible for "Complete Payment".

Note: This may also provide a means for an administratively-created customized order to allow the customer to Complete Payment", but I have not tried this as yet.

The attachment is a compressed text file containing the necessary code changes.



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