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Search Engine does not find category titles


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I am currently trying to work out why the search engine on my site cannot locate the category headers, so I cannot search a category page which lists all the items in that group. Has anyone else found this, and what is the solution?

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Hi, sorry for the delay, moving house, chaos.

Apparently using CubeCart Version 6.4.4

My website (noochoon.com) searches products but will not bring up a whole category which seems crazy! Any suggestions?

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Okay so on my site if I search for "antiques", nothing comes up. That is the name of a category containing many products. But if I search for "antique" I get a product which includes this word in its description.

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CubeCart's 'search' function does not search category names or category descriptions.

That said, we would like to know how many categories are listed on the top navigation bar. That is, is "antiques" not readily apparent as a category to peruse?


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I've looked at your site, and can agree that a search targeting a category would be useful to you.

Specifically, searching 'Electropop' returns nothing.

Only because 'Electropop' is a sub-category of 'Music/Genres', where the sub-categories of 'Genres' is a list so long (tall) that a goodly number of genres disappear off the bottom of the browser window.

So, because of this (but not so much 'antiques'), searching for a category is a practical necessity - in your case.

Alternatively, the 'Genres' category can be modified to not have any sub-categories, and compose a 'mini-directory' contained within the 'Genres' description.

Alternatively, a different skin might have a suitable navigation layout that would accommodate a large number of sub-categories.


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