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Adding videos into product images


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Hi All,

Is it possible to add an video image link into the images for a product as I have a need for the ability to display what the product can do as well as what it looks like. So the product would have a major image and the ability to have as a secondary option that will be a link to something like YouTube or similar video player, also once the video has finished playing the user can go back to my original web page and not stay in the video player. I know that the link could be put into the products description but unfortunately this is not feasible.

Hope somebody has seen this before and would appreciate any help.

Best Regards,


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I struggled with this issue for WEEKS trying to use videos I recorded with my iPhone. 
Here's what finally worked:
1) Convert the iPhone .MOV video to an .mp4 Full HD format. (I have Movavi Premium for video conversions, there may be other free use tools out there?)
2) Upload the .mp4 to a folder called "video" directly under the public_html directory on the server using the cPanel upload.
3) Open the product or category that you want to add the video to and select the "Source" button.
4) Add the .mp4 video using the <video></video> HTML tag. Mine look like this (for example):

<video autobuffer="" controls="controls" height="270" poster="video/leatherposter.jpg" preload="auto" tabindex="0" width="350"><source src="video/leatherclasps.mp4" type="video/mp4" /></video>

5) Save the product / category while still in Source mode
6) Clear the cache.


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