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Test Email Templates with Data


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CubeCart 6.4.8 has put in place a different editor to compose Email Contents templates and Email/Newsletter Template templates (but not Newsletter Contents, Offline Message, Site Documents, Product or Category Descriptions). This different editor is the same one used to write PHP code Snippets. There is no WYSIWYG mode - there is only source-code mode.

As such, there is a "Test" button that will open a 'colorbox' showing what the HTML will look like when rendered. However, none of the 'Macros' will be compiled. That is to say, {$BILLING.name} will still be that, and {foreach} loops will not show a list.

For Email Contents templates, the attached file is instructions for code edits and files of sample data. The code edits provide a separate button to open a 'colorbox' showing the editor's contents as it will (should) look like after the template rendering engine (Smarty) compiles and populates the template with data.



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It sounds like you're dealing with a new editor implementation in CubeCart 6.4.8 for composing email and newsletter templates. This editor is more focused on source code mode rather than WYSIWYG mode, and you're facing issues with the rendering of macros when you use the "Test" button. To address these issues, you're looking for guidance on implementing code edits and testing.

Here are the general steps you can follow to address this situation:

1. **Understand the New Editor:**  MyLabCorp Login
   Familiarize yourself with the new editor and its source code mode. Understand how it works and how it interacts with the Smarty template engine that CubeCart uses.

2. **Review Documentation:**
   Carefully review the provided instructions for code edits. Make sure you understand the changes you need to make and how they affect the rendering of macros.

3. **Backup Files:**
   Before making any changes, make sure to create backups of the relevant files you're going to edit. This way, you can revert to the original state if anything goes wrong.

4. **Implement Code Edits:**
   Follow the instructions provided in the code edit documentation. Make the necessary changes to the relevant files according to the instructions. Ensure that you are making accurate changes.

5. **Testing:**
   After implementing the code edits, test the changes by creating sample email templates that use macros. Use the "Test" button to see how the rendering works. Confirm that the macros are being compiled and populated correctly by the Smarty template engine.

6. **Debugging and Troubleshooting:**
   If the macros are not being compiled or populated correctly, carefully review your code edits. Check for any syntax errors or mistakes that might be causing the issue. Refer to Smarty's documentation for guidance on using macros and loops in templates.

7. **Consult Community or Support:**
   If you're still facing issues, consider reaching out to the CubeCart community or support forum. Other users or developers might have encountered similar challenges and can offer insights or solutions.

8. **Iterative Testing:**
   Continue to iterate on your changes and test different scenarios to ensure that the email and newsletter templates are rendering as expected. Adjust your code edits as needed.

9. **Documentation and Notes:**
   Keep detailed notes about the changes you've made and the steps you've taken to troubleshoot the issue. This will be helpful for future reference and for sharing with others who might encounter similar challenges.

10. **Stay Updated:**
    Keep an eye out for updates or patches from CubeCart. They might address issues related to the new editor or template rendering in future releases.

Remember that working with code and templates requires a methodical and cautious approach. Make sure to thoroughly understand the changes you're making and test them in a controlled environment before applying them to your live system.

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