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I'm using Version 1.0.24 of the AIOS.  Brian has made design changes for me and I'm not sure what has been implemented into the core code.  Anyway, I'm updating my USPS rates and all goes fine.  But when I try to rearrange the lines it lets me rearrange them but when I hit save it goes back to the original order and doesn't save my new order. 

Oh, and the clicking the checkbox across frm add new shipping rates doesn't do anything



Any ideas?

Thanks in advance as always!

One more question -- I would like for Cubecart to show the rates from my zip code zone before the state zone.  I can't remember what goes first in ordering the zone.  I know at one time it was the smallest first but not sure if that is the way now

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That "double-right-angle" and Edit icon on the Add new shipping rate line is definitely not supposed to be there. So, in the module's /skin/sdmin/shipping_rates.tpl, double check this line (broken apart for clarity):

          <td colspan="7">
            <a href="#" class="aios-add">
              <img src="{$SKIN_VARS.admin_folder}/skins/{$SKIN_VARS.skin_folder}/images/add.png"
                   style="padding:0 5px;" />

Please remind us about when the sort-order on a rates panel was discussed. (Found it, early Feb 2018.)


If a sort order fails to 'stick', either the database is missing the new column, 'sort_order', in the CubeCart_shipping_rates table, or the code to process the sort_order went missing.

Your local zip-code zone vs your state zone gets their priorities set from the drag-n-drop order as they appear, top to bottom, on the Shipping Zones tab.

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