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Unable to upgrade.... /admin_xyz/sources/maintenance/index.inc.php - not found.


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Thanks again. I am fully upgraded, and full-functional.

One last thing, I have a pesky piece of code that is somehow being displayed on the first line of the screen.  It is there on any admin screen, as well as any customer-viewed screen.  The code is shown in the pic

$glob['install_source'] = 'softaculous';

Can I safely remove it?

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Please look in the file /includes/global.inc.php.

It may be the last line of the file.

If so, the problem could be that there is a closing PHP tag, followed by that line. Like as follows:

$glob['safe_mode'] = false; // Set to true to disable hooks and code snippets, 'hooks' to disable code hooks and 'snippets' to disable code snippets
$glob['install_source'] = 'softaculous'; ?>

This is not correct. There must be only one closing PHP tag (which is the two characters ?>) and it must be the very last thing in this file.

Also, this file may be 'read-only', so in order to fix it, you will need to unset the 'read only' flag, remove the ?> that is not at the end of the file, and save it.

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