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Install / Upgrade with Softaculous

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I have install Cube cart with Softaculous. 

I have see that: there isn't regulary upgrade in softaculous.

August 10, 2022 version 6.4.6

August 16, 2022 version 6.4.7

February 23, 2023 version 6.4.10.

From August 2022 to february 2023 there isn't upgrade in softaculous. 

You upgrade only with softaculous or upgrade when exit new version (for example 3rd jenuary 2023 6.4.9)?

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If you want to upgrade your Cube Cart installation to the latest version, you have a few options:

Upgrade through Softaculous: Softaculous may not always have the latest version of Cube Cart available immediately after its release, as you have noticed. However, when a new version is added to Softaculous, you can use it to upgrade your installation with just a few clicks.

Manually upgrade to the latest version: If you don't want to wait for Softaculous to add the latest version, or if you prefer to manually manage your Cube Cart installation, you can download the latest version from the Cube Cart website and upgrade your installation manually. This will require a bit more technical knowledge and may take more time, but it gives you more control over the upgrade process.

Set up automatic updates: If you want to ensure that your Cube Cart installation stays up-to-date without having to manually upgrade it every time a new version is released, you can set up automatic updates. This can usually be done through your web host's control panel or by using a plugin or script specific to Cube Cart. Keep in mind that automatic updates can sometimes cause compatibility issues or unexpected changes, so be sure to test them thoroughly before relying on them completely.   H‑E‑B Partner Login

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