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Is there a snippet to send o4rder confirmation to customer

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Putting a "Send Email" option and the code to do it into the Bank Transfer module would be easy enough.

However, let me suggest that you look at the Print Order Form module. It will hold the same information as regards your bank, offers the customer a window summarizing the order and how to pay for it, where that window can be printed out, and the module has an option to send off an email reminder.



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I tried to upload it through thurderbolt but since I have the issue where in order to access the dashboard I need to add ?_g=phpinfo right after the URL, it pretty much does the same when trying to upload, redirects to the old 503 service unavailable error.

I downloaded the file and manually unzipped and uploaded into /modules but it doesn't show up under the Manage Extensions page, so, is there any other form of manually downloading the extension.




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