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ups method not show up


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We are currently running CC 6.4.9 and so far everything is great, but from last week all the sudden the ups shipping method is not showing up anymore, we checked with our hosting company godaddy many times, but they say everything is fine, we are using ups shipping module 1.0.2. is anyone having same issue like this ?

The request log:
Request Sent (cURL) - https://www.ups.com/using/services/rave/qcostcgi.cgi?accept_UPS_license_agreement=yes&10_action=3&13_product=GND&14_origCountry=US&15_origPostal=11735&19_destPostal=01903&22_destCountry=US&23_weight=71&47_rateChart=Regular%2BDaily%2BPickup&48_container=00
Response received (302 - Found)

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