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Based on the code snippet you provided, it appears that you want to change the description of the "Card Capture" option in a radio button input field.
To change the description, you need to locate the JavaScript or server-side code that is responsible for rendering this HTML markup and modify it accordingly. Without the complete context of your code, it's challenging to provide specific instructions.

See below some way to solve the query..

* Identify where the form is being generated: Look for the code that generates the form containing the radio button input. It could be in a JavaScript file, a server-side script (e.g., PHP, ASP.NET), or even directly embedded in your HTML file.
* Locate the code that sets the description: Within the code, search for the line that sets the label text or modifies the HTML of the label element. It may involve manipulating the innerHTML, innerText, or text property of the label element.
* Modify the description: Once you find the relevant code, update it to reflect the
 AARPMedicare desired description for the "Card Capture" option. You can replace the existing text with your preferred text or use variables or dynamic content to populate the description dynamically.
* Save and test the changes: After making the modifications, save the file and test the form to ensure that the description of the "Card Capture" option has been updated correctly.

** Before save foram you must check 2 time and then save. **

I hope my suggestion is work for you if not work please tell me.


Best regard,

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