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Adding Millimeters


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Please remind us of that other conversation.

As best I know, this dimension (as well as weight) is used in shipping calculations where the size of the container affects the charges.

However, I cannot locate any significant places in the code where this store setting is used.

When adding/editing a product, the dimension unit can be specified for that product.

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This is the post I read but I knew it wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

I didn't know if there was something in the database I could add or if there's something on the template (admin) to modify.

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When you say "it wasn't exactly what I was looking for," is it because the referenced conversation results in "it automatically reverts back to inches"?

In admin, Store Settings, General tab, to change the choices for the length dimension unit, edit the admin source file "settings.index.inc.php":

Near line 434, find:
$select_options = array(

About 25 lines later, find:
'product_size_unit' => array('cm' => 'Centimeters (cm)', 'in' => 'Inches (in)'),

Change to:
'product_size_unit' => array('cm' => 'Centimeters (cm)', 'mm' => 'Millimeters (mm)', 'in' => 'Inches (in)'),

The conversation referenced above affects the details specified on a per product basis.

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