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CubeCart 6.5.2 Released

Al Brookbanks

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We are pleased to announce the release of 6.5.2.

What's New?

#3304 Back-office 404 log. Discover external URL's that have no destination and use the existing redirect tool to fix them.
#3131 Back-office category list now shows product count.
#3229 Escape key now closes back office search pull out.
#3243 Memory added to back office list size (Products, Orders, Customers).
#3275 Administrator log to show more detailed info. e.g. The item that was edited.
#3299 Improved back office request log layout with header logging.
#3331 "Save & Reload" button added to category edit add/page.
#3332 Google Universal Analytics removed in favour of new extension.
#3346 Back-office customer list to show their chosen language.
#3347 hCaptcha officially supported as an alternative to Google reCAPTCHA. This requires skin updates.
#3348 Back-office now logs actions of cleaning subscriber log.

See all 112 closed issues for this version. 

Download: CubeCart-6.5.2.zip

Need help upgrading or require official technical support? Find out more at https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support

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