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VAT inc Prices during checkout


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I know this has been asked over the last 10+ years and wondered if by now this has been resolved.

Is there a way to show VAT inclusive prices during checkout (noodlemans plugin is only for prices within the store not checkout or invoices).

Under UK VAT when selling to consumers the product page, checkout and invoice should show the VAT inclusive total for the UK.
There are statutory regulations in the UK regarding the display of prices. VAT must be included in consumer prices. A bracketed section next to the total or even on a seperate line should then show what VAT £ is included.

B2B (trade) prices can show VAT excluded prices in the store, during checkout and invoices.

I've attached what Cubecart shows (totally confusing for retail customers) and what and how it should show.

I know there is sometimes a problem with rounding but most account packages sorts this out.


Selling to consumers CC version :




Selling to consumers should show like this below:




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