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Could my CC6 site be hacked with SQL injections?


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I couldn't login to my admin section, had to reset password through phpmyadmin. And the debug pop up console has also been activated somehow. Debug report is showing weird multiple (21 total) error codes relating to MySQL queries with 'HACK' title?! such as,

Hack: 1699302290.12770 --- Duration: 278 µs [ERROR - NOT CACHED]
INSERT INTO `CubeCart_system_error_log` (`message`,`url`,`backtrace`,`time`) VALUES ('[<strong>Notice</strong>]#

If anyone can comment if it's a normal thing not relating to any hacking, that would help a lot.




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This is not 'hacking'.

(It is an unfortunate choice of word, but) In this context, it is a term to mean "time hack", as when marking the time from a timer or stop watch. The value after the work 'Hack' is the UNIX Time value -- number of seconds since 12:01am, January 1, 1970 (including microseconds after the decimal point).

Technicians assigned to troubleshoot slowdowns or bottlenecks will use these values to determine where and what took a long time to get from one database query to the next.


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