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Where admin logs are maintaned


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Hello , help me check where the admin logs are 

there is a table called - cubecart_admin_log

which maintains all admin activity records like - product add , update , delete 

what admin user has done what adds or edits or deletes 

i want to make a report for admin users what they have done in a month 

id              user          product name                                                      time


    userone1 NOW L-Cysteine 500 mg,100 Tablets updated 1703485696

i want to add product id not its name , also i want to add admin id not its name 




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Please let us know the exact version of CubeCart you are using.

The table posted above does not match what I see in the code.

Essentially, the admin source script (categories.index.inc.php, for example) makes a call to ACP->successMessage($message).
ACP->successMessage() passes to ACP->setACPNotify()
In there, a call is made to $this->adminLog()
In ACP->adminLog(), details of the action are sent to the database

To show the log activity, the script settings.log.inc.php prepares each record and sends the list to the template.
The template settings.index.php displays the prepared list.

The prepared records uses the admin_id from the log entry to find the username and name of the admin. The admin_id is still available in the record. Also, the item_id and item_type is used to get the item's name and a link to the edit page for that item. The item_id and item_type is still available in the record.

The most recent versions of CubeCart has added the columns in the database to capture the item affected.

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