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Unknown IP address added to product url


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I was checking my Google Webmaster today and received this (among many) under crawled - currently not indexed. 



I searched sad iron with swirl pattern handle in Google and this came up


Antique All Cast Iron Sad Iron with Swirl Pattern Handle

109.123.79https:// › antique-all-cast-iron-sad-iron-w...

FOR SALE Antique all cast iron sad iron with swirl or diagonal pattern handle. Measures 6L x 4W x 4-1/2H and weighs 5 lbs. 4.3 oz. Full of antique charm.


This is the exact wording of my listing except for the IP adress.

I looked up and it came up with the host name o-2g0.com in Great Britain.

I checked the blacklist status and it wasn't on the list.


How did someone add an IP address to my listing like that?


Thanks for all your help

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"How did someone add an IP address to my listing like that?"

It was probably a web crawler. A less-than competently programmed crawler.

The web server receives a data packet addressed to it by the server's IP address. The web server starts examining the packets that follow, where those packets have the HTTP Header array. Nearly everything in those HTTP Headers can be customized.

The HTTP header element named 'HTTP_HOST' can be anything. Usually, the HTTP_HOST is the domain name of the site being requested. But it doesn't have to be.

In a development environment, often times, the IP address of the development server box is used, perhaps, because there is no domain name set up on the internal network. Sometimes, the name of the server box can be used, including the name 'localhost'.

There is more to it, of course, especially when HTTPS gets involved.

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