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CubeCart 6.5.4 Released

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We are please to announce the release of CubeCart 6.5.4. This is a maintenance release with a number of minor new features.

Important Release Notes
This version converts the database encoding to utf8mb4. Please make sure that your installation of MySQL or MariaDB supports this character set. *

Download: CubeCart-6.5.4

The table below shows the new features added to this release. All 95 closed issues can be found on GitHub.

Issue New Feature
List view aded to filemanager.
#3544 Sorter added to filemanager for name, date added and filesize (see screenshot above).
#3536 reCaptcha added to password recovery tool.
#3532 Customer comments icon with link added to dashboard orders (unsettled orders) list.
#3525 Bulk action to add/remove orders from dashboard (unsettled orders).
#3488 Use of hooks to manipulate dashboard (unsettled orders) bulk actions.
#3487 Order list to have new "Last Updated" column with sorter.
#3447 Preview icon on category and document list to view on front end.
#3427 Switch to allow for product and category descriptions to be parsed via Smarty (for dynamic contnt).
#3425 Improved character set support utf8mb3 to utf8mb4
Exchange rate "buffer" with percentage adjustment.
#3418 Order summary to show both custom order ID (if available) and traditional order ID.
#3413 Filemanager last location memory for product option images
Adjust product sales report by date.
#3385 Switch off order email whilst in PayPal Sandbox mode (PayPal Commerce 1.9.5+ required).
Rich Text Editor - Emoji Picker Plugin


* It is possible to list available UTF8 character sets with the MySQL command:


Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 09.59.15.png

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