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New store, i LOVE THIS setup..I just want to know how to get that "featured" product up like Techut has, I really like that!

JPKustoms Store

Check it out, let me know how I can make this more Professional Looking. Thanks!!!!

Also our current Site Hits: 14,734

That is in 2 months, We have many hits, I was curious if there is a tracking on that to figure out where everybody is coming from?? THanks!!

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Guest ChrisUK


This site uses the basic eStore shell which is clear and concise.

You may want to change the way your "hit counter" works though. Since eStore has its "hit counter" within the header file every time you click on a product to change the page you are increasing your hit counter by 1. Obviously this isnt really a true reflection of the number of unique visitors to your site.

Chris B)

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Guest candspc

sorry to bring this up so late after the post has been opened, but I see you still use the cubecart logo at the top. I took your logo and cleared the white backgroud for it. Right click on it and save as then upload it to your eStore/images/ directory and everwrite the store_logo.gif and it will show up there. Nice site by the way.


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Guest JoshJPkustoms

the site hits have gon eup like crazy.. 110,000 views.but your right about the hit counter..any way u could paste that pic back up again it didnt work...Thanks! i dont build this stuff ,our webmaster does i just maintain it and he is lazy so lol :rolly:

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