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[Software Packages] CubeCart 3.0.0 Beta

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Yes CC3 is fully managed by and written by me. I cannot begin to explain how much of a massive task it has been and it has been an enormous test of stamina.

The final version is getting there and I've had some heavy work rewriting config storage, install script, upgrade script and coding improvements. I have also had been searching for somewhere new to live which has really interefered with work recently.

I was hoping to have final released by the end of this week but I fear it will be the end of next week.

Once it is stable I'm retiring and running away with a 21 year old swedish woman.

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Guest Prevost

Take your time i say.

We'd rather have a product thats stable an minimal errors in that a rushed final version with some errors in it.

BTW will very 2 be upgradeable to version 3 when its released?

also, if you have a defo release time or date, when will this be?

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