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Authorize.net Error

Guest scotty1234

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Guest atomikjon

It may be a case like it is with LinkPoint.

I couldn't get Linkpoint to work for anything with a stoire. It asked for a Merchant ID in the setup, so I put the customer ID number for that vendor (I was building someone elses site).

After much time on the phone with LinkPoint, I was told the error was with the cart.

Problem is... he was right... SORT OF.

What was needed was not the Customer ID, but the store number! The CubeCart Admin panel was just asking for the wrong number. The program was right. The wording was wrong. Check that out for Auhtorize.net

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There is a guy on the bug board that got this to work... I am going to ask him if he minds sharing... Hopefully he is like me and doesn't mind helping others.

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I need a volunteer who can give me FTP access to their store. I have to have Authorize.net fixed today. I have phoned Authorize but they takes a while to give out accounts.

If you want your store working with Authorize and to help get it fixed in 3.0.2 I would appreciate a volunteer. You must be running 3.0.1 though.

PM me or email al ( a t ) devellion ( d o t ) com

If you can give me access to your AUthorize CP I would appreciate it too, but understand if you dont want to. I will need the PDF integration manual.



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error 99 from Authnet in most cases is not a bug with CubeCart but the fact you did NOT set a transaction key and hash value in our Authorize.Net Settings panel AT Authorize.net.

You need to generate the transaction or txn ID and set a hash value

once you have those you need to set the relay URL where should cutomers be sent back to from the gateway?

it used to be http://www.yoursite.com/path2/confirmed.php

Generate some tranction id numbers as well as your hash value at authnet and I bet you dont get error 99 again when you go thru the gateway someone on a prevous post even posted authnets directions on what you need to do at authnet.

Brooky I will be setting a new authnet gateway for a client who is using 3.0.1 (hopefully 3.0.2 here soon)

and as soon as we start testing the authorize.net gateway with 3.0.2 I will let you know

Can hook up via chat or email and Ill get you my notes and errors as I test CC3.0.2 with Authnet.

Kinetic aka Mr Eyecandy ;)

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Brooky I have tested the gateway and everything appears to be working fine. I will look over everything in more detail tomorrow but all looks well.



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  • 2 weeks later...

and txn key is transaction key right?

what's the hash value??

In my Authorize.Net CP, I clicked "Hash MD5"

What should I enter in the "Hash Value" box??

Help please please please

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This is what i see in my Authorize.Net CP

MD5 Hash                                                                                    Help 


If you would like your transaction responses to be encrypted by the Payment Gateway, enter and confirm a MD5 Hash Value below.

For more information about the MD5 Hash, please refer to Documentation and Reference Guides.

Hash Value Set: No

New Hash Value: 

Confirm Hash Value: 


Settings Main Menu

What should the "New Hash Value" be??? What should I enter???

any help please!!

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setting a MD5 Hash value in your Authorize.net control panel just hashes the transaction coming thru you can type any long sequence of numbers and letters no special character to create a hash value at authnet I usuelly use at least a 16 character string

this MD5 hash value has nothing to do with cubecart except this is the value your thumb print will match up to when a customer comes from your site to auithorize.net as being a site alllowed to request payment processing thru your gateway.

now for transaction ID or txn ID

you need to generate new one and answer the secret question

then when it is generated copy the transaction ID and paste it in the authorize.net setup in your stores admin along with your authorize.net user ID.

hope this helps

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Brooky Ive got my clients CC3.0.2 store and Authorize.net gateway with SSL working properly except for a bit where I tested a bogus expiration date with a valid card and cube cart accepted it as a valid transaction instead of giving a error message and the try again button.

a little more error checking against the post back x_response variables from auth net in the authnet confirmed.php would be in order...

Kinetic :D

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I upgraded my store to 3.0.2, setting MD5 Hash, relay response URL,....

And this is what I got when I checked out

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mhash() in /home/panidaa/public_html/modules/gateway/Authorize/transfer.inc.php on line 125
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this is the code, in case you need to see it

// function InsertFP ($loginid, $txnkey, $amount, $sequence) - Insert HTML form elements required for SIM

// function CalculateFP ($loginid, $txnkey, $amount, $sequence, $tstamp) - Returns Fingerprint.

// compute HMAC-MD5

// Uses PHP mhash extension. Pl sure to enable the extension

function hmac ($key, $data)


return (bin2hex (mhash(MHASH_MD5, $data, $key)));


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Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mhash() in /home/panidaa/public_html/modules/gateway/Authorize/transfer.inc.php on line 125

means YOUR SERVER does NOT have MHASH installed

this is something they need to install and enable on their apache configuration

most hosts will gladly install and enable MHASH as its usually just a apache update click away and from your store path it looks like they use WHM/cpanel so it is REALLLLLLY easy for them to enable and install on the server

send your hosting a company a support ticket or email stating you would like to have MHASH installed and enabled on the server for e-commerce authorize.net gateway purposes

look at your server environment from your stores admin and look for -withMHASH

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