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  2. Sorry for confusion Brian, short story Homepage Featured Products is used for displaying new products (works fine), then I've renamed Latest Products, so i use latest products for my displaying refurbished items on home page. Until recently everything was fine, then i added more refurbished items in to stock (displayed in renamed Latest Products on home page), they had previously displayed in monetary value, i was trying to get them back into monetary value.
  3. Sorry. Adjusting the key items in the database must be done manually. This has been true since CC3 (as I have had to do that numerous times). (I do not know of a plugin to do this - I suppose it is possible - and I suppose I should have written one.) Choose which customer ID is to be retained, and change all the related keys in related tables (customer, order_summary, order_inventory, downloads, addressbook, group_memberships, maybe others). I think CubeCart automatically recounts and updates the order_count in the customer record
  4. This isnt currently possible but a couple of our clients have recently requested this and so we will be writing a small plugin to do exactly this Ian
  5. As above. Is this possible in CC 6.2.5? Background: more than once the same user(s) have registered multiple accounts (same shipping address, only email address is changed). This was not a problem in the beginning, but it's starting to be.
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  7. I think you may have added to much info to the explanation of your problem. Are you saying the Homepage Featured Products module is now acting differently than what it was until recently?
  8. Hi Brian Yes i used the Homepage Featured Products for New products located at the top of the home page, in there you can manually state the listing order and i have latest products renamed to Refurbished products, until recently I've never had a problem before they were always in order of monetary value, then i added 2 more items that now sit at the front. Question thinking out-loud what if i remove them from display in Latest items and cleaned cache and then re added them in correct order would that work? thanks again
  9. The only naming that would make a difference would be if the name of the database table CubeCart_inventory, the column 'latest' isn't named 'latest'. The language chosen to use for the storefront and/or what phrase you have chosen to actually display for the concept of "Latest Products" does not matter. Your message tag indicates you are using "SFWS Homepage Featured Products". This plugin (presumably) does the same thing we are trying to do: it overrules what was originally queried (a list of products where the 'latest' flag is true) with a new query with relevant conditions.
  10. Hi Brian,Thanks for your help with this again, i have tried the above snippet code as suggested and it has not worked, but i must add not sure if it makes a difference, i have renamed my latest products in Languages>catalogue - display.... latest_products from memory, should i put it back then run re-enable the snippet? (because it did not work after save and clear data i disabled the snippet for now) Will renaming it have stopped it working? i can try again tomorrow
  11. If the cookies for your site are actually cleared, then CubeCart no longer knows who you are and should now show a "Your basket is empty" message. There has been a recent change to the HTML coding of that View Basket page, in that because there are two sets of form elements (one for large width and one for mobile width), there was confusion as to what form element was to be used for submitting an update in the change in quantities. Can you confirm you are using a skin that has been published as of CC.6.1.11? See: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1732
  12. Hello again all, I am 99% sure this is a cookie issue client side but I am not sure what to do about it. Long story short lets say I put 10 widgets in my basket then go to the checkout page. I decide to reduce that to 5, do so and hit update button. When it refreshes the 10 is still there. The reason I am thinking its client side is that if I clear cookies the changes are reflected (the 10 now shows as a 5). Any ideas what I can do to address this?
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  14. Welcome lardonna! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Others have mentioned this observation as well. An adjustment to a javascript file was made and should show up in the next version: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2257 The actual code change is here: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/3a53be74508ef0d41c4ae13c1742f021f866e431 In my opinion, this was all fallout from trying to stop everything below the main image from bouncing up and down when the main image became taller or shorter from viewing other images from the gallery. After having made edits to the javascript file, have CubeCart clear its internal cache (admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, Clear Cache).
  15. Please visit my site, https://electronics4sale.net/ and tell me why when you click on a product in our store, the product is missing in the next page. However when you refresh the page the image apears. This only seems to happen with the skin that we like, (Foundation). We love cubecart so any help would be deeply appreciated.
  16. We will create a Code Snippet that fetches a fresh recordset that is sorted by price. In admin, Manage Hooks, Code Snippets tab, click Add Snippet. The next page load will have a form below the list of existing snippets. Enabled: Checked Unique ID: [email protected]+ Execution Order: 1 Description: Makes new query to get Latest Products ordered by Price Trigger: class.cubecart.latest_products Version: 1.0 Author: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/55063-latest-products/ PHP Code: <?php $query = sprintf("SELECT I.* FROM `%1\$sCubeCart_inventory` AS I JOIN `%1\$sCubeCart_category` AS C ON C.cat_id=I.cat_id AND C.`status`=1 AND $where ORDER BY I.price DESC, I.product_id DESC", $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'dbprefix')); $latestProducts = $GLOBALS['db']->query($query, (int)$GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'catalogue_latest_products_count')); Save and clear the cache.
  17. I am currently using SemperFi's Vertical Navigation Plugin but have been trying to create my own accordian menu. I'm not sure what core files, if any, would need to be changed and what problems I may encounter. I was thinking of just manually coding the entire menu (categories, sub-categories, etc.) into the main template where I want it to show, but I would have to show it twice - once for desktops, etc and once for canvas-left for small displays. Would this be dumb and would it even work? Any pointers, or any Are you crazys!!! would be appreciated. I'm using Foundation by the way - modified Claudia
  18. Ok, the problem is as stated - Image directories were being renamed in filemanager but the changes did not occur in the database & the actual directories were also not renamed , which prevents population of the image index during upgrade. The only way to solve that was to re-associate images with products - A big job if you have a lot of products or images. This was the solution - Tested successfully but not guaranteed, there's bound to be a few caveats (). You need a bit of SQL and phpmyadmin or something like. The problem is separating the filename out of the filepath, because the filename is part of the filepath ... 1) SELECT filepath, filename FROM `CubeCart_filemanager` WHERE `filepath` like 'images/uploads/% %/%' and `filename` not like '% %' ORDER BY `CubeCart_filemanager`.`filepath` desc 2) Rename all of those directories not associated with a filename which contains spaces ... UPDATE `CubeCart_filemanager` set `filepath`=replace(`filepath`,' ','_') WHERE `filepath` like 'images/uploads/% %/%' and `filename` not like '% %' ; 3) Running 1) again should return empty result ... 4) There's probably some left (if filenames include spaces), get the directory names .. SELECT filepath , filename FROM `CubeCart_filemanager` WHERE `filepath` like 'images/uploads/% %/%' ORDER BY `CubeCart_filemanager`.`filepath` desc You will receive a list containing pathparts which could not be renamed above because the filename part included spaces .. eg. June 2011 Christmas 2013a Christmas 2013 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2011 bobs food August 2011 April 2011 aJanuary 2012 2019 general 2019 baubles 2016/a dec 16 5) Run the following against each of the pathParts listed above (well your pathparts I mean) - UPDATE `CubeCart_filemanager` set `filepath`=replace(`filepath`,'mixed bunch flowers','mixed_bunch_flowers') WHERE `filepath` like 'images/uploads/mixed bunch flowers/%' 6) Run 4) again to pick up sub-directories - eg. images/uploads/a/b/c/ etc .. 7) Run 5) against any sub-directories not found earlier (** In my case I had not included sub-directories when I first ran the query ...) Check should now show filenames with spaces and paths with no spaces - (probably not necessary but check a few) SELECT filepath , filename FROM `CubeCart_filemanager` WHERE `filepath` like 'images/uploads/% %' ORDER BY `CubeCart_filemanager`.`filepath` desc 9) Now rename your image folders to reflect the above, on windows you can use a bulk rename facility (just rename folders !), on non-windows I use a PHP script ... 10) Upgrade CubeCart in the usual way ...
  19. I thought the latest versions of these very old (V5) skins like Kurouto had been upgraded to be compatible but if you are running the latest version available, then maybe not. You should consider changing your skin to use a foundation based skin - there are many available in the marketplace
  20. @Ferguson230 a much better solution is to block the class C in your .htaccess file rather than via CubeCart
  21. No, because there exists a CubeCart_transactions database table entry referencing that order. Also, I have not found any code that gets automatically triggered that will begin the process of effecting a refund for an order cancelled by either the admin or customer. (For myself, when I was using Authorize.net, I had to log in to my Merchant Account at Authorize.net and effect a refund there.)
  22. I am using CC6.2 and I get this message in Store Settings, In Both KUROUTA and MICAN SKINS but not in Foundation. I would like to keep using the KUROUTO SKIN is there a way of using invisible re captcha with it? Warning: It doesn't look like your current skin is compatible with Invisible reCAPTCHA.
  23. Hi, just ran the test again on a UNIX server and windows server (no server timeout messages on either) but same result on both .. V6 CubeCart - 1) Filepath in new Cubecart_Filemanager = "perfume bottles/" <- Space is important and possibly incorrect ... 2) Actual image source directory following upgrade in V6 Cubecart = ''perfume bottles" <- Space is important and possibly incorrect ... 3) The strange part (in filemanager the directory names appear with underscores), therefore when creating the image index and updating the cache during an upgrade the image index is not created for products using directories which include an a space. What I'm looking for is a solution otherwise will need to manually reinsert over 1000 images in at least 2 stores .. I might just change the original store backup and SQL unless there is a simpler solution. Many Thanks, Chris.
  24. Payment was made via the NoChex plugin. https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/payment-gateways/nochex-apc In Admin CP, the order is listed as "processing". The customer says he cannot find a way to cancel his order. If I change the ststus to "pending", will he then be able to cancel the order and get an automatically triggered refund?
  25. Hi Brian Thanks again for your time in replying, the only hook i see in code snippets is the order of gallery images, how do i resort the acquired record set by the price again mate? Thanks again
  26. Sounds expected. the upgrade from v4 will rename images to make them more URL friendly, so spaces are replaced with underscores etc. If you have any direct linked images in descriptions they will need to be revised. You may find that after the upgrade, going to the "File Manager" in the admin area shows a 500 error. if it does, keep refreshing until it goes away. it will take a while to build the image cache, and the error means it timed our doing a "batch" of images. should be a one time thing after upgrade unless you clear the image cache manually. CubeCart_image_index should be populated, if it is not, within file managed use the tab to re-scan the files after upgrade. Images should be moved to the /images/source/ directory by the upgrade, you may also still have an "uploads" directory.
  27. Hi, just upgrading a store from V4. This store has arround 2,000 images in filemanager. The store's administrators have over the years put their images in various folders (eg. 2017 Chrismas Images, 2017 Other Images, etc. ), whats happening or should I say 'not happening' is that images in some folders are not being being migrated. I can see that in filemanager the images are there but two anomolies appear to have occurred - 1) In admin/filemanager the directory names no longer contain spaces but instead have an underscore (eg. 2017_Chrismas_Images), whereas in the filemanager DB table (CubeCart_filemanager) the directory names are present with a space (eg. 2017 Chrismas Images). 2) In table CubeCart_Image_index those files do not appear (ie. during the migration it is not populated because filemanager cannot find the files?) .. My plan is to run the migration again but firstly to rename all of the folders with underscores instead of spaces, and to also edit the the CubeCart_filemanager to include underscores in its directory names .. This way the CubeCart_Image_index should be populated (at the moment its not populated ) ... I would appretiate your thoughts on this as there is more than one store to upgrade (or maybe theres a different reason ?) .. Thanks, Chris.
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