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  1. Didn't meant to offend anyone I love the software it's great really stable. Unfortunately it wont upgrade my data base, the settings all appear to be correct. Temporary Tables are allowed. I do suspect its to do with permissions but I just don't have the time to learn it all right now so im sticking with 6.2.9 until the next update when I will try again. Thanks I think its an issue with the host. Its no big deal to me here, I like the learning bit anyway and besides I will be beginning a new project soon meaning a fresh instal. This will involve digital downloads and if all goes well its going to be run using Cube. If you wanted to look at my data base setting inside my host plan Im happy to give you the credentials privately of course for your own information and so you can see if changes need to made to the build to accommodate this. There is at least one other person who has the same problem. Not asking you to do my work but if you wanted to look its fine by me.
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