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  1. LOL!! Because us Britts are stupid. The £ vs the $ is at an 11 year high. This means $59.95 is only £31.7229 (To be precise). About 6 months ago it was more like £40. (Massive difference.) No the real reason is becuase there are 300 million in the USA vs 58 Million in the UK. As a result the market is vastly bigger. This mean mega bucks (theoretically for CubeCart) LOL!! Saying that CubeCart is used every where from Australia, India, UK, USA, Transalvania... You name a country and it is probably used. Does CubeCart make any money? Yes it makes a small amount and possibly make a sales every other day. Here are our hit stats. http://www.cubecart.com/cgi-bin/awstats/awstats.pl (Only goes back to feb though sadly.) (Its growing exponentially). I have nothing to hide and am probably too honest for my own good. I hope you enjoy CubeCart. Right its time for a beer. :D
  2. Name: new_names_1_15.rar Version: 1.0 Author: Joker Short Description: Add more admins! Long Description: You can remove, add, change admin rights. Add admin to group. [Download File]
  3. File Name :: currency_1_6.zip Author :: Joker Category :: Major Description You can add, edit, remove currency if this is not in admin module. View File
  4. Name: ban_1_0.rar Author: Joker Short Description: Ban/access system to admin module Long Description: a. You have many users, you want know from which IP they login to admin module? b. maybe some hacker try login to you admin module and you want to know this? c. You want block hacker or admin IP who logged in? PS! If you want use this module, then before you must install mod: new_names.rar [Download File]
  5. Name: SIM Printable Reciept Form Version: 1.0 Author: Paycheck Short Description: A form that grabs the return variables from your auth net payment form and creates a nice form. Long Description: Allow your customers to be redirected to a nice formatted form that posts all the variables from your payment form via the SIM method of your authorizenet.com account. If you do not want to go to the trouble to create your own form to submit to authorizenet.com/transact.dll then use there form and this recipet page to create a look and feel all your own. If anyone is haveing trouble I have a forum set up on my site as well. http://www.jsm-inc.com/members/ [Download File]
  6. http://www.cubecart.com/cgi-bin/awstats/awstats.pl
  7. Yes it is really annoying but.... it has earnt CubeCart.com 2388 unique visitors so far this month?!? These should be to an interested audiance to. I wonder if it is actually worth while. The one at the bottom of the page will be removed soon. Just put it there as a test. Saying that the company is very very good from my experience so far. )
  8. Name: new_names.rar Version: 1.0 Author: Joker Short Description: Add new users Long Description: You can remove, add, change user rights. Some group rights. [Download File]
  9. Al Brookbanks

    cube meets...

    :) Theres competition on the boards. :) :D :D
  10. I'm always open to suggestion Bill email me at agbATbrookyDOTcom Not sure where you are based but maybe we should have a chat or someting in the not too distant future. Alistair
  11. Wow what a friendly enthusiastic post. I think there are some banners at: .... (well there used to be!!) Thank you for your very kind and rewarding support. :)
  12. Name: freeship1.0.zip Version: 1.0 Author: ryandelany Short Description: Free Shipping over a specified value Long Description: This mod allows you to offer Free Shipping if your customer purchases more than a specified dollar value. It also allows you to enable/disable the feature from the Admin interface, and specify the dollar value from the admin interface. Documentation includes all necessary installation instructions. [Download File]
  13. Another point is that development of the next version is very slow right now and there is no date for a next release. I have spent quite sometime developing a site for free/paid classified adverts which "may" become available in a few months.
  14. Hello folks.... I have not looked at the forums for ages. This is for the simple reason that (I know many may laugh and not understand) but I have a 9-5 job on top of this which takes 7:20 - 8pm out of my day. I can't develop sites at my other job without a good night sleep and as a result I have neglected you people far too much. I am happy for people to make at cost modifications and provide services at cost as long as a complete download solution is not made for purchase/publically available and license fees come from https://secure.cubecart.com I have been meaning to create a free advertising section for members to advertise their services. As I have little time to help I am more than happy to provide others with related benefits. At the end of the day I intend this product to be something everyone can benefit from in some way. I just wish the $ vs. the £ for conversion would pick up a bit!! 1.6 to 1.8+ makes a big difference. LOL Hopefully I can find time to build the related services bit soon. Hope this post makes sense!! :D
  15. Hello, http://livestores.cubecart.com was completely rebuilt today after the server crash. Feel free to submit your store Every language pack has been uploaded again with the exception of Russian which we are awaiting. If you have the .zip for any modifications which the download link is broken to we would be very apreciative if you would email them to [email protected] We're almost completely back in the game now. :(
  16. Hi All!! This download is now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience before... slowly this server is coming together again. If anyone has copies of any other mods please email them to [email protected] and I will fix them. All mods were lost as they were directly uploaded to the server and no back up was taken. :)
  17. I was a big fan of PLMinis.com in the past and was delighted when they used the CubeCart. There are some cars to dream about there!!
  18. I was really pleased when visiting this site that the javascript function in the header told the lycos right hand fram where to go!! The hosting may be free but enough ads are anough!! HAAHAHA!! :)
  19. Today cubecart.com was victim to a server error which has caused a great deal of data to be lost. Please bear with us whilst this is repaired. Sadly some data will be not be retievable. This all happend whilst deleting an email address on the server removed all fles in a critical server directory. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  20. Hi stijnj Improtantly can you PM me exactly what happened and how you think you were hacked. We will then fix this issue if there is one immediately!! Cheers, Alistair
  21. Hello, Just out of interest really who did you buy the site from and do you have a link to your site. I'll be happy to have a look to see if its all working correctly. Happy new year!! Alistair
  22. 20% OFF ALL LICENSE FEES! STARTS THIS BOXING DAY (26th December) Dear Member, Thank you for making the first year of CubeCart a highly successful one. As a means of thank you we have stripped 20% off all our license fee prices: OFFER ENDS 31st December '03 Single License (1 Domain) - Was $59.95 --> NOW $49.95 Multiple Licenses (2 - 5 Domains) - Was $49.95 Each --> NOW $41.63 Multiple Licenses (6 - 10 Domains) - Was $39.95 Each --> NOW $33.29 Multiple Licenses (11 + Domains) - Was $29.95 Each --> NOW $24.96 Purchase securely at: https://secure.cubecart.com Have a fantastic Christmas and prosperous New Year! :D
  23. Name: catalog.zip Version: 1.0 Author: Stijn Jammaers Short Description: Lists all your products on one page. Long Description: With this mod you publish all your products on one page, customers ca brows by sorting per product, price and sale price. [Download File]
  24. Name: fixed_option_price.txt Version: 0.9 Author: brbrbr Short Description: Fixed price for options Long Description: This mod allows to display the option price as fixed price, instead of a delta to the shop price. This might be usefull when your option is for example a quantity. Instead of having the +price for buying 10 items instead of 1, you can add the price for the 10. This looks nicer. [Download File]
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