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  1. Some interesting stuff. I my self and CubeCart/brooky.com is based in the UK also. I intend to move to WorldPay in the future. ;)
  2. Thanks... It astonishes me how people have the nerve to steal Credit Card information... and the greed of international companies. Its a shame the world is such a greedy place these days.
  3. CubeCart does not make a lot of sales and really just makes enough to tick over... I ranting today as I have had at least 5 fraudulent orders with 2Checkout over the last 4 months which I think is disgraceful. What upsets me more is that they are going to make me pay a $29 charge back fee on top of losing $60!! Has anybody else had an inexusable amout of fraudulent orders with 2Checkout?! This arrived today with no warning what so ever. :P
  4. Yeah and the mods section is nearly completed.. I have very little time these days...
  5. Dearest CubeCartians, I thought I would write this to let everybody know why things have slowed around here. Basically CubeCart is run be me "Brooky" and some fantastic helpers. I have (with out choice) started a full time job as wel as maintaining this site. My full time job is web design/development in the music industry as this is new CubeCart has taken a back seat whilst things settle. As a result I apologize in advance for slow email response and support in these forums. In fact I went to the launch party of Mankato last night http://www.mankato.co.uk which the company I work for produced. Its an exciting lifestyle... Please do not feel development has stopped or that CubeCart will fade away as this will certainly never happen. The license sales keep this site running and really cover expenses such as hosting @ $500 a year as well as the occasional... well... often indulgence in sex, drugs and booze in and around London, UK!! Thanks for hearing me out and I look forward to supporting you all along with the wonderful helpers such as AngP and co that make this all worth while. ;)
  6. I agree I have been lame as I now have this to run and a job which makes me have to abandon this from 7:30am to 7:30 pm I have not heard from Brain (BrJones) for quite some time. I hope all is well and AngP has been quite ill Time are not great for CubeCart... however I will make sure it goes from strength to strength and continue to grow. It is a part of me now... and won't ever let it go... :D
  7. :( In just two days I have learnt a lot and as a result when things have settled CubeCart WILL go from strength to strength.
  8. Dear folks, Sincere apologies for not having been here for the last few days! I have hundreds of emails to reply to and a lot of forum posts to read. This is because I have started a new job with a small startup company which is an hour in each direction from where I live about 75 miles round trip! I have to leave home at 7:30 and and do not come home until near 7:30pm. I'm hoping that this will not influence CubeCart too much but things need to settle. :(
  9. Yeah Ang get well soon I have had a weekend away and the last two days sorting out some new business which means i won't be around so much. Its likely that things MAY slow a little round here.
  10. No I think they didn't realise it would put the placeholder back. So in fact I didnt see any downtime. (Although I'm sure they had to reboot). WebSiteSource.com have been oustanding in the 2 months I've been with them. Not cheap though but I think in hosting like most other things in life you really do get what you pay for.
  11. Its fixed now. This "upgrade" wrote a whole lot of placement images and an index.html in the html root. A bit annoying as I feel it should not have done this. However they have been deleted and all seems to be fine now. It's fine by me and quite refreshing to have a hosting company that schedules any downtime with a warning message. :P
  12. Yes I should have put a warning up about this... it just shocked me but now I remember the email my hosting company sent yesterday. --> I think it has :P
  13. Hi, I haven't out this in the news forum as it only affected a handful of people. http://download.cubecart.com should now be accessible for all. It has been reprogrammed so that if it cant login from the cookie a login form will be displayed. I would appreciate it if I could get any feed back from those who it didn't work for before as I'm reasonably certain it should function properly now. :D
  14. Yeah I'm still recieving about 20+ visuses a day but McAffee deletes every one of them permanently on arival. However after a deep scan over night this computer was infected with SoBig AGAIN and a Trojan which was causing it to pause about every ten minutes then suddenly start again!! All clean now and just to save panic the download on this server has been tested with latest update from McAffee and is fine.
  15. Dear Member, CubeCart 2.0.0 Final has just been released and upgrade instructions are included in the download package. This is now expected to be pretty stable and any minor bugs that may be found will have step by step fixes and instructions displayed in the community forums. http://forums.cubecart.com CubeCart 2.0.0 final is available for download from: http://download.cubecart.com Have a great day! CubeCart.com p.s. Again if you experience difficulties accessing the download area the .zip package can be emailed to you if you contact [email protected]
  16. Hello. You can email it to [email protected] however I know somebody in Manchester UK who has vastly improved it also. Thanks!! I'll get that hacks/mods system up and running asap.
  17. Thats funny. You probably may not have a virus but I have XP Pro continually patched and McAffe which updates every day and I have had a couple of viruses. If you haven't had one you have been incredibly lucky. Ive received about 40 today in my email. Problem is a lot of the time you don't have a clue you have a virus and something stupid like 3/5 computers do. I recommend doing a http://housecall.trendmicro.com/
  18. Great stuff guys. I shall have a look when I finnaly find a spare minute.
  19. I have McAffe on Outlook so I think I need to configure it correctly to filter right. :P
  20. About once a months or so I will be emailed about 40 viruses in a day. All different ones. Of course I delete them immediately but does anybody else ever get this? It really annoys me! And alot of Korean email spammed from http://phpfree.co.kr they won't stop sending :D
  21. Hello Nazorin, sorry icu5545 but you are wrong. To remove it those holding a license can remove line 162 of admin/settings.inc.php: N.B This can only be removed if you a license key holder like Nazorin! $site_name = $site_name." $la_powered_by_cc";
  22. Dear member, I am pleased to say that RC2 has been released for download. This fixes many of the bugs listed below in RC1. I strongly recommend everybody to upgrade by replacing every file with the exception of: admin/config.php install.php upgrade.php Instructions are given in the download package. To download it please visit: http://download.cubecart.com N.B. Some members are still having difficulties accessing the downloads section. If this is the case please read the License Agreement and email [email protected] and the package will be emailed to you. If possible please state your browser and operating system and I will email the package to you. Bugs Fixed: Edit Product - (Additional line breaks removed) Missing Category/Product Order Fix No. Items Per Category Added in Store Front Order Confirmation Improved Layout Search Link Removed in Sale Category PayPal Account Email Fixed Authorize txnkey fixed Delete Associated Product Option when Product Deleted Postage & Packaging Total Fix Subfooter Fix Thumbnail config available in images/makethumb.txt (now GD is not required) Submit Class Fixed Login headers fix from redirection And more I cant remember... I would like to thanks all those that helped... especially the remarkable AngP for her great skills. :D
  23. Hi, I completely wrote CubeCart over ~7 months (with a dabble of help here and there from some kind people) and I have never even installed OSCommerce .. its a truely wonderful script I know but I couldn't be bothered to spend a good day learning how to install it! - Please dont think I disrespecting OSCommerce as it is a wonderful script. I would say the only similarity between CubeCart and OSCommerce is that the product options functions in a similar manner 100% coded by me. Apart from that there is no likeness as far as I'm concerned. I thought... why not make life easy and make a script that installs easily! Feel free to compare the code and database and you will find it is 100% different. I'm pleased you like this script its turned me grey and I'm only 23!! :P
  24. Dear Members, Credit Cards are now accepted to buy your license keys for copyright removal. The price of CubeCart will rise from $49.95 to $59.95 at 12:00 Mid Day 20th August 2003. Purchase you license here! Get it whilst there's a discount :P
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